4-Hour Airline Pilot Introductory Course

Highlights of Experience

  • Execute in-cockpit tasks with our cutting-edge Boeing 737-800 Simulator, gaining practical aviation skills.
  • Learn to manage and troubleshoot aircraft systems during various flight phases.
  • Get familiar with the Boeing 737-800, enhancing your confidence in handling its systems and procedures.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts and build valuable industry connections.
  • This introductory course can be your first step towards professional pilot training and is suitable for all ages! 

Details of Experience

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our 4-hour Airline Pilot Intro Course! Dive into hands-on cockpit tasks using our state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 Simulator, gaining invaluable aviation skills. Develop problem-solving prowess by managing and troubleshooting aircraft systems across flight phases. Familiarize yourself with the Boeing 737-800, mastering its systems and procedures. Don't miss this opportunity to soar higher and make your aviation dreams take flight!

What’s Included

I. Introduction
A. Introduction to the Boeing 737-800 aircraft
B. Basic Flight Controls

II. Taxi, Takeoff, and Climb
A. Taxi and ground movement procedures
B. Standard takeoff procedures
AC. Climb to cruising altitude using HSEL & LVL CHANGE

III. Enroute Operations
A. Handle aircraft automation systems during cruise

IV. Descent, Approach, and Landing
A. Prepare the aircraft for arrival
B. Configure the 737-800 for landing
C. Using automation to fly the Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach procedure
D. Execute a stabilized approach and landing

V. Simulator Session
Hands-On Experience: Take control in our state-of-the-art 737-800 simulator, with guided instruction from our experienced pilots.

4-Hour Fighter Pilot Introductory Course

Highlights of Experience

  • Introduction to the fighter jets
  • Comms Brevity
  • Types of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground missions
  • Types of weapons available to F16 & F18 for the mission type
  • Basic Air-to-Air fighter maneuvers
  • Basic Air-to-Ground mission planning and tactics.
  • This introductory course can be your first step towards professional pilot training and is suitable for all ages! 

Details of Experience

Dive into our immersive course where critical thinking meets strategic planning! Analyze air combat complexities, hone problem-solving prowess, and develop foresight for personal goal achievement. Experience the power of teamwork as you collaborate in pairs, refining communication and role distribution skills crucial for success. Gain valuable career insights into aviation and military paths, and let the excitement of fighter jet technicalities ignite your passion for STEM, paving the way for academic and career excellence!

What’s Included

  • All course materials

Dates & Timing of Event

Time: 9AM – 1PM 

Airline Pilot Introductory course (API):

  • 11th August
  • 5th, 8th, 22nd September

Fighter Pilot Introductory course (FPI):

  • 18th August
  • 4th, 15th, 29th September

*Please make your reservation at least 3 days in advance.


15 Changi Business Park Crescent 
#05-05, Haite Building
Singapore 486006

Other Terms & Conditions

  • While there is no minimum age limit, participants should be capable of holding attention for the 4-hour course duration.
  • This voucher is valid only for the mentioned course date.
  • This voucher is non-refundable, and cancellations are not permitted. 
  • Please make your reservation at least 3 days in advance.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your actual time slot.




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