Thank you for submitting your interest in becoming a community ambassador!

Community Ambassadors are a group of advocates and representatives of their community.

To further enrich the collective experience of the communities and interest groups, learn how you can tap on UPlay's resources to start building and growing your own interest-based communities and Nucleus within your Union or company. Work with us to explore setting up a totally new interest too!

As an ambassador, you will be the collective voices of the community through:

  • Representing the community for programs and events.
  • Featured in publicity collaterals.
  • Opportunities to rally members to participate in the events.
  • Opportunities and platform to front and lead ground up initiatives close to your heart.

Ambassador of communities & interest groups are entitled to special perks and incentives such as the following:

  • Exclusive invitations to special events, workshops, tea sessions, and priority access.
  • Opportunities to attend ambassador only training and up-skilling activities.
  • Offered ambassador only special discounts / promotion for events and recognition.


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My Family Kaki – A community for families with an ambassador program for parent advocates to share their interests, concerns and represent the collective voices of families.

nEbO – A community that engages youths aged 12 to 25 years that aims to create a community of Work-Ready, World-Ready and Life-Ready youths.

U Live - A community for NTUC Union Members aged 55 and above to celebrate a purposeful living, pursuing new dreams, embracing independence, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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