Communities & Interest Groups




UPlay consists of various communities formed around specially curated interests, which are inclusive and open to people of all ages and group sizes to connect and network

Are you passionate about a hobby or interest? Wish to have your voice heard and make a difference? Or are you looking to help your team connect and bond over their similarities? UPlay is an avenue for you and your team to connect and network with like-minded individuals.

 nEbO U Live U Sports 
 For youths aged between 12 to 25 years old. For active agers aged 55 years old & above. 
For passionate sports enthusiasts of all ages.
 My Baking Kaki My Cyber Kaki 
 For passionate bakers alike. A pioneering initiative to empower individuals with technology. 
 My Family Kaki My Golf Kaki 
 For families to strengthen family bonds.  For new and seasoned golfers. 
 My Green Kaki My Pet Kaki 
 For passionate gardening enthusiasts. For pawparents with furkids. 
 My Photography Kaki My Travel Kaki 
 For individuals with a love for the art of photography. For global adventurers and explorers. 
 My Volunteer Kaki My Wine Kaki 
 Overseas, Family and Interest-based Volunteerism. For wine enthusiasts. 


And many more to come!


To further enrich the collective experience of the communities and interest groups, learn how you can tap on UPlay's resources to start building and growing your own interest-based communities and Nucleus within your Union or company. Work with us to explore setting up a totally new interest too!




Ambassadors of communities and interest groups are entitled to special perks and incentives such as exclusive invitations to special events and gatherings, workshops, tea sessions, priority access, or discounted rates for events.

Ambassador Opportunities and Platforms

  • Spokesperson for communities & interest groups.
  • Access to leadership programmes and workshops.
  • Propose and lead ground-up initiatives to make an impact.
  • Inspire peers, be invited to focus groups, and sharing sessions to make a difference.
  • Receive recognition and possible coverage in marketing, media and publicity channels.